Case Study

Dock Scheduler – turned out to be a milestone in managing unloading and loading

Author: Natalia Noczeń
Dock Scheduler – turned out to be a milestone in managing unloading and loading

Why digitalizing and Dock Scheduler proved to be a game changer for the Centrum Pali. We talk to Wojciech Kośnik - Key Account Manager.

  • Centrum Pali
  • The largest Polish manufacturer of precast reinforced concrete piles and pile foundations for overhead contact line support structures. The company has a professional Factory Laboratory, equipped with modern control and research equipment.

Why did you start the process of digitalizing your company? Have you already noticed the benefits for logistics processes?

Wojciech Kośnik: At Centrum Pali, we set our sights on digitalization of processes and warehouse management many years ago. Such a strategy allows us to optimize work, reduce costs and improve relationships with partners. If a driver doesn’t waste time standing in a queue for loading, we have a better chance of fruitful cooperation. 

Thanks to the digitalization of transport processes, we were also able to observe the operation of the entire system and make some adjustments. At the right time, we decided to implement the Dock Scheduler – time slot management system. 

What were the most common problems in warehouse operations, and how did Dock Scheduler help solve them?

Wojciech Kośnik: Thanks to time slot management, the work in the warehouse is better distributed in time, the problem of tiresome waiting for daily shipments has disappeared. We have secured additional capacity and carriers are now able to schedule arrivals flexibly. Dock Scheduler – turned out to be a milestone in managing unloading and loading. 

We often hear that one of the main concerns of managers is communication between shipper and carrier. Has the implementation of Dock Scheduler improved this element as well?

Wojciech Kośnik: Yes, definitely. Transparency in communication between us and the carrier or shipper has increased. Gone are the remarks about unserved loads, suspicions that someone was loaded out of order, etc. This is because everything is visible in the system. 

However, you started your cooperation with CargoON with the Freights module. What problems prompted you to implement the solution for comprehensive freights sourcing?

Wojciech Kośnik: The platform for freight managing has significantly relieved the team dealing with it. All transport orders now go into the system, into the digital world. There are no more phone calls with repetitive questions like , “who are we, what are we hauling, where are we going, how about another amount,” etc. The team was thus able to focus more on the quality of transportation, choosing the best freight or analyzing how many more vehicles we needed. The strictly formal, paper part was taken over by the platform. Thanks to the platform we were also able to organize our base of carriers, and as a company with 20 years of experience we had quite a large one. Dividing carriers into groups saved us time in searching for the right transport partner and accelerated the process of acquiring freight.

Dock Scheduler – an innovative time slot management system offered by CatgoON. If you are looking for a suitable tool or have any questions, please fill in the form: [contact].