Freight Order Management: seamless creation
and communication up to freight order acceptance

  • All information is centralized for better access,
    sharing and compliance
  • The best allocation engine ensuring speed and flexibility
  • Access to transport capacity at any time in contract or spot modalities
  • Flawless communication with internal and external stakeholders


Cooperate with carriers
at the highest level

The Freights module is a solution
for comprehensive freight order handling.
Our solution encompasses: freight order creation,
price negotiation, documentation and order terms

A complete digital workflow through
our unique collaborative web platform. Integration
with API, access to apps and chat are also included!


How do we do it?

The Freights module centralizes all operations and documentation related to a transport order and automates processes.
Manage all your transportation related information digitally and share documentation with customers and suppliers whenever you need it.

  • Sourcing
    Work with your trusted carriers, and if you need new ones, take on board the community of verified carriers.

  • Allocation engine
    The best allocation engine for any purposes, market conditions or contracting approaches.

    Combine natively contract and spot.

  • Compliance
    Centralized information and documentation. Parametrization of corporate policies and data in the transport assignment process.

    One unique repository ensuring harmonized data and all time access.

Automation: full parameterizable loads assignment

Your loads will be optimally assigned to transport partners
in accordance with defined allocation scenarios.
Capacity is secure without compromising your procurement strategies.


How do we do it?

Automatic rules search for carriers according to preferences
defined by the user (e.g. rates, type of assets, type of routes, etc).

  • Ability to define scenarios

    With infinite combinable sequences and carrier selection methods – contract, groups, private exchange or spot.

  • Algorithm work for you

    Algorithms search for the best carrier according to the user’s scenarios matching market conditions and business requirements.

  • Flexibility and compliance

    Properly configured rules ensure compliance, flexibility, and access to capacity while also generating savings on transport costs and time!

Flexible access
to capacity

When your carriers are unable to meet
your needs, thanks to the platform you can
flexibly tap into available capacity through various
forms of access to a vast, secure network of
verified spot carriers.


How do we do it?

We offer you the opportunity to work with the flexibility
your everyday life requires: collaborate with carriers on Private Exchange,
organize tenders when you need to find new suppliers or choose
a spot market to react to unforeseen situations.

  • Tendering system

    Simple and quick tenders among your trusted carriers or among the community, which brings together thousands of potential new associates.

  • Private Freight Exchange

    An exclusive space to manage your loads in a closed group of trusted carriers.

  • Public Freight Exchange

    Matching system within the available vehicles offered on the public exchange.

A new level of digitalization
for your logistics

Thanks to the combination of Freights with other CargoON modules, you will get an automated,
transparent and comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Visibility status
in standard

CargoON is a complete system for transport execution including: freight statuses, incidences and claims. No need for integration
or buying third-party platforms. Just right away!

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Performance and
benchmarks reports

As part of CargoON, BI reports are available,
that will change your view of logistic processes.
You receive information about efficiency, market
rates and potential savings.

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Easy integration
with ERP or TMS

At your disposal: a state- of-the art API, a complete documentation and an experienced team prepared to carry out each integration with any ERP system or TMS.

Digital connection
with carriers

Greater transparency and collaboration
through digital multichannel communication: web, API or apps.

Unicity of process and data makes you ready for continuous improvement.


Digitalization opens the way to the calculation of the carbon footprint. Thanks to the information about the vehicle.
Knowing which Euro standard was used to transport a given freight, we can more consciously
make decisions that are good for our planet.

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