Increase your warehouse handling capacity,
plan your resources in advance,
boost attractiveness of your plant

  • Increase the operational capacity of your warehouse
  • Plan your resources in advance
  • Digitalize communication for better collaboration
    between the logistics department, the warehouse
    and your transport partners


No more queues
outside the warehouse

No more random arrivals of vehicles and the waiting time is reduced up to 70%.

See how the Boryszew company did it


handling capacity

Accurate scheduling increases warehouse handling capacity
by up to 25% without any additional resources.

See how the MFO company did it


See how did it
MFO company

Reduce manual work
and save time

Carriers can book slots and change booking
statuses on their own.


Two months after implementing the solution we were able to reduce vehicle handling time up to 40%. We also have much better and consistent communication, whereas the warehouse work is scheduled and distributed evenly throughout the day.

Carriers will just love you

When capacity is tight and carrier retention crucial, setting up a fair
and user-friendly booking process is the key to improving your relations
with your suppliers or transport providers. Become the “shipper of choice”,
make carriers enjoy visiting your warehouse

  • They do not waste time
    standing in queues
    and better optimize their assets

  • They can rebook a slot easily
    if plans change

  • Dock Scheduler
    is free for them

Speed and flexibility like no other

We put great effort and care into making the tedious slot booking system fast and pleasant for all players connected,
should they be regular or random suppliers or carriers.

  • Quick implementation
    just 2-3 weeks

  • Onboarding of suppliers and carriers
    in just a few hours

  • Modern, simple
    and user-friendly interface

  • A 100% cloud solution
    easy access for all players whatever their business relationship with you is


  • Attractive pricing
    without any charges for suppliers
    or carriers

  • Available as a stand-alone solution
    or as part of the CargoON platform

With the DOCK SCHEDULER we were able to increase our warehouse handling capacity by up to 25% in no time. All without adding more shifts, staff or equipment.

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