All freights under control. Status and full handling of transport orders in one place

Author: Monika Kulej

Knowledge of the status of transport fulfilment can be key to achieving full digitalisation of the process. Failure to digitally handle a transport order requires more resources and incurs additional operational costs. It is also much more difficult to have good relationships with counterparties - both suppliers and recipients of goods.

At CargoON, we are well aware of this, which is why we are vigorously developing digital transport order management based on statuses from process participants and monitoring systems. As part of the pilot, we are already making the first stage of the solution – the management of transport order statuses. However, this is only the beginning of the changes!

🟢 Adding an order and transport details

At CargoON, we are working on functionalities that support the digital flow of information and documents, so that both parties to the transaction are able to control the progress of the transport order in real time. The handling of an order from start to finish takes place in one place, allowing quick and easy access to all information about the fulfilment status, its details and accompanying documents – e.g. proofs of delivery. The new Orders module supports:

  • handling orders from start to finish in one system;
  • greater transparency in order execution through the interaction of the parties to the transaction;
  • time savings: shortening and speeding up the order handling process thanks to partial automation (e.g. verification of the completeness of transport documents);
  • greater control over transport thanks to the ability to confirm key events in the execution of an order (records of contractor confirmations with the possibility of overwriting them in cases where the reported data is inaccurate or incorrect);
  • quick and easy access to order-related information;
  • support for the booking and verification of the driver and vehicle appearing to collect freight.


  • Robert Kutera
  • Product Manager at CargoON
  • – At CargoON, we listen to feedback from our customers on a daily basis. This helps us to build flexible solutions that are best suited to the specific characteristics of the transport industry. At the same time, we aim to simplify the sequence of individual processes as much as possible through configurability and flexibility. As a result, we offer an effective customised solution, facilitating the tracking of each transport and full transparency of the process. Availability in a SaaS model further shortens the implementation process and allows our customers to use the platform at any time and on any device.

🟢 Key changes to the process:

1. New tab “Transport details” available after confirmation of the order – this is where the most important information on the execution of the transport will be available.

2. New statuses for key events within an order. Both parties have the option of manually confirming the arrival for loading and unloading, as well as the completion of these operations. As a principal, you have access to the possibility of obtaining confirmations from the carrier, which change the status of the order. Importantly, in the event of incorrect or inaccurate data, this confirmation from the principal has greater weight and avoids incorrect information for the settlement of the order.

3. Extensive order history. If the shipper has purchased access to the management of transport order statuses (Digital Order Execution), he will have all the information relating to the fulfilment of the transport and which can be the basis for the settlement of the order (documents, additional costs). If the carrier makes certain actions on the Platform, the shipper will see them immediately in his order in the new tab “Transport details”,

 e.g.: If the carrier confirms the entry for loading, in addition to the date and time, the shipper will see this information in the “Transport details” tab. All events will also be visible in the “History of changes” tab.



4. More precise scheduling of operation dates – if an overly large timeframe is specified in the offer, the principal on his side has the option to specify dates and times.

5. Ability to register the vehicle’s emission standard and an additional driver’s ID.

6. Summary of the order settled at the rate per ton based on the weight data from the operation confirmations, which allows to automatically determine the final value of the order.

👉 See how it works

The entire process from issuing and accepting a freight quote to adding and processing a transport order is described in detail in our HelpCenter:

see instructions “Adding a new order”

see the manual “Handling orders as a orderer”

see the manual “Handling orders as a contractor”

🟢 This is just the beginning of change

The new Orders Module, including the ability to confirm freight status manually, is only the first stage of our project. Ultimately, our customers will be able to monitor deliveries in real time and manage incidents. What we write about here >>>.

Would you like to learn in detail about all the functionalities of the CargoON Platform? Visit our HelpCenter, you will find descriptions of all the functionalities of our system here.

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