Shippers’ Corner: cargo as pretext

Author: Monika Kulej
Shippers’ Corner: la carga como pretexto

CargoON, together with Transprime and CEL, is holding a discussion conference from the shipper's perspective to analyze "cargo" in all its dimensions in the supply chain.

The cycle of meetings with which we intend to focus the debate on cargo as a driver of the supply chain was inaugurated a few days ago together with TRANSPRIME Spanish Shippers’ Council and the Centro Español de la Logística.

During the first session, which took place at the Hotel Almanac in Barcelona, last Thursday, May 16, we had the debate of two professionals of recognized experience: Josep Maria Fortuny, senior legal advisor of transport mobility & logistics; and Oriol Montanyà, deputy general manager and professor of Supply Chain Management at the UPF Business School of Management.



Through a dialogue between the speakers,  we discussed topics such as the change of era that supply chain management is going through, where in addition to the search for efficiency, two more concepts have been added: sustainability and resilience.

Speaking about talent in logistics, Oriol Montanyà referred to the new tendency to talk about supply chain management as something unusual, and wished that it was not just a trend or a way to take a stand, but the result of companies beginning to see supply chains as something global:

"Winning projects are those that see the value chain as a whole, exercising control over costs and freight quality, with collaboration as their flagship."

Likewise, the search for talent in all links of the supply chain and the need to attract it by complying with the basics that have always worked: a decent salary, career plan, internal promotion, work-life balance and a cordial supervisor.

Finally, technology was mentioned as a great ally to face the challenges of the future, but without falling into the “dazzle effect”.

Here are the photos of the day!