New Address Book. Publish freight even faster

Author: Monika Kulej

Based on the opinions of users, we are once again improving the use of the Platform. This time thanks to a completely new version of the address book. The most important change: all addresses now in one view with the option of full review and editing, and as a bonus, 2 new functionalities for the CargoON line - a list of permanent addresses and the ability to assign and manage default loading or unloading addresses.

At CargoON, we work every day to ensure that our Platform meets the needs of the market as best as possible. The priority is the maximum optimization and simplification of processes, so that thanks to our solutions our clients save time, reduce manual work and thus reduce business costs. After simplifying the freight posting form into one quick window, it’s time to change the address book.

🟢 What do you gain?

The address book now allows you to conveniently manage your company’s permanent addresses, as well as share the list of addresses. Thanks to this, in the case of repetitive addresses, you do not have to complete them every time:

👉 address data will be completed based on the address saved in the book,
👉 the search engine will facilitate quick access to saved addresses: by name and address,
👉 the book will indicate the default address for a given operation,
👉 you can freely edit, add and delete unnecessary addresses (for permanent addresses, the appropriate authorisation is required),
👉 you can also use the quick list to access all saved addresses (permanent, last used or regular).

With this change, you can save the time you used to spend on publishing freight offers with recurring loading or unloading locations. However, this is not all the benefits. What else do you gain? The new address book definitely speeds up your daily freight work! It allows you to:

🚀 transparent management of addresses in the company area
🚀 improved address search – easier access to company permanent addresses thanks to prioritisation (CargoON line)
🚀 partial automation – for recurring freight, we can use the default address (CargoON line)

Combined with the one-step publication form, freights simply publish much faster.


  • Robert Kutera
  • Product Manager at CargoON
  • We design our Platform to support our customers throughout the end-2-end process. We look for areas where even minor optimisation brings significant time benefits and reduces handling costs. The Address Book, with its facilities for customers with recurring addresses, reduces the time needed to publish a freight or order. It also makes address management more transparent for the company and prevents duplication of work among colleagues.

🟢 How does this work in practice?

The convenience of the new address book applies to all employees of your company. Everyone is free to browse the saved addresses in one place and also to manage ordinary addresses (add, edit, delete), irrespective of their account type or add-ons. Once an address is added, it is available to all employees of that company.

TIP 💡As an account manager in the CargoON line, you additionally have the possibility to:

– assign addresses as permanent addresses (addresses with a house icon). These are addresses that belong to your company. You can enter up to 10 such ‘favourite’ addresses in your address book;

– assigning and managing default loading or unloading addresses.

👉 Addresses set as default loading and unloading addresses will be selected as the initial addresses in the window for adding orders and freight. The integration of the address book with the freight and order publication form also allows a new address to be added to the book from within the form itself.

👉 You can enter addresses, including those of your contractors, loading and unloading locations in the address book. This also applies to multi-stop freight. By default, the list of addresses is arranged alphabetically, then the list will be arranged according to the popularity of the addresses used.

👉 You will find your new address book under My Company (drop-down menu available under the avatar icon):


For more information, go to our HelpCenter instructions and find out:

  • how to add new addresses to your address book
  • how to edit entered addresses
  • how to set default loading and unloading addresses


🟢 Keep changing for you!

Would you like to know more about the CargoON platform? Visit our Help Centre, here you will find descriptions of all the functionalities of our system.

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