Corporations want to speed up Fit for 55

Author: Konrad Potocki

Manufacturers and distributors from across Europe want rapid change leading to the implementation of the European Green Deal and the achievement of zero carbon. A group of global companies has sent an official letter to the European Parliament and the Environment Ministers in EU member states on this issue.

The companies want truck transport to become fully green sooner. Companies such as NestléNikeOatly Group, PepsiCo, and The HEINEKEN Company, as well as several logistics operators, among others, have signed the appeal to the MEPs.

The signatories of the letter want the carbon footprint of trucks to be reduced from 55 to 65% by 2030, the end of the first phase of the European Green Deal. This will allow an additional 150,000 lorries to be placed on the market with a green drive – electric or hydrogen. The idea is therefore to modify the rules of the Fit for 55 climate package. The authors of the appeal to the European Parliament also called for a clear date after which no conventionally powered trucks will be allowed on the roads. The companies signed up to the letter believe that accelerating the change will reduce costs in the supply chain and ensure true zero-carbon by 2050.

However, not everyone shares the enthusiasm and arguments of global gigs. Doubts are multiplying about the preparedness of European economies, not just trucking, to achieve climate neutrality in 2050. The German automotive industry organisation VDA, for example, believes that tightening climate targets is simply unrealistic. This is because the production of zero-emission trucks requires too complicated technological changes and long lead times. Raluca Marian of The International Road Transport Union (IRU), on the other hand, expresses doubts as to whether an adequate number of truck charging points will be built in time.

Despite the challenges, the push for greener transportation remains crucial for a sustainable future. The cooperation between companies, governments, and organizations is essential in achieving the ambitious goals set forth in the European Green Deal.

It is important to address concerns and find innovative solutions that facilitate the transition to zero-carbon trucking. By embracing new technologies and investing in infrastructure, we can pave the way toward a cleaner and more environmentally friendly transport industry.

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