Fast tendering among your own
or verified carriers and forwarders

from the network

The Simple Tenders service deserves exception recognition; it has achieved the expected results in terms of requests from new carriers with proposals of attractive rates and a willingness to undertake regular cooperation.

No one can guarantee access
to such a large network of carriers and forwarders

Forget about tenders organized only among fellow carriers
and placing offers in media. Our tenders are organised in
a huge database of carriers on the Platform.
This guarantees a high response rate and confidence
that you will always find a suitable partner.


High security thanks
to carrier verification

Bids are sent only to previously verified carriers
from the Platform
Moreover, you can define your own compliance terms
and as a result of the tender, you will receive
not only information about the rates,
but also a security scoring of the carrier.


Get the best transport rates

With Simple Tenders you save money and always have a choice. You’ll receive bids
for the routes you’re interested in and choose the most attractive one.

The simplest tool
for fast and effective

A user-friendly interface, a single-stage tender,
a transparent analysis of the bids received,
instant answers and quotes from carriers
– all this makes tendering
no longer a cumbersome procedure


are ready
for digital

Carriers and forwarders invited
to tender already work on the Platform
and are ready for digital end-to-end cooperation
with the shipper using CargoON Freights


Organise tenders
whenever you need to

Our easy and quick Simple Tenders service
allows you to start bidding whenever:

  • You have found a new client and need to find more carriers quickly
  • Current partners are raising prices
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of services provided by your carriers
  • The seasonal peak is coming
  • Your carriers have withdrawn from cooperation
  • You are short of carriers

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