Russia closes borders for trucks

Author: Natalia Noczeń

Few remember that despite the war and the embargo on Russian goods, truck traffic to Russia still continued. That will end on October 10 this year, however, as a decision by the Russian government will block truck traffic from countries unfriendly to Russia from that point on.

The countries in question are those that have condemned the aggression in Ukraine and joined the economic retaliation: the European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Norway and many others. The ban that is being implemented does not apply to shipments to the Kaliningrad region, postal shipments, as well as the transportation of:

👉 live animals

👉 meat and its products

👉many other products.

The Russians don’t really care about the ban, they are only doing it for political reasons. So the list of exceptions is long: in addition to those mentioned, also fish, dairy products, cleaning and hygiene products, paper, cardboard, glass, electrical machinery, boilers and other products. The banned carriers have seven days from the effective date of the resolution to leave Russian territory (that is, until October 17 this year).❗ After that time, carriers will be allowed to deliver cargo to transshipment zones designated by the Russian authorities.

These have been designated near the borders with Russia: in the Kaliningrad region, around Leningrad, in St. Petersburg, as well as in the Murmansk and Pskov regions and in the Republic of Karelia (the latter zone concerns the border with Finland).

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