Oversized transports by river only

Author: Natalia Noczeń

Another revolution is brewing in Europe when it comes to how supply chains operate. All thanks to Germany, which wants to shift the oversize cargo sector from roads to waterways. The problem is that transporting oversized cargo from truck to barge and then from barge to truck will increase the cost of such a service by two to three times, and in many cases by as much as ten times. 

The whole initiative came from the German government, which is already preparing the relevant legislation. The European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes (ESTA Europe) is protesting against the idea. Indeed, the new solution, which is supposed to relieve the pressure on German roads and reduce carbon emissions, will result in a decrease in the competitiveness of European carriers, but the consequences could be even more dangerous. Drastic increases in the price of logistics services could cause European industry to lose orders to companies from China or India, which can deliver cargo directly to the port much more cheaply. 

Associations from France and the Netherlands are also protesting against the new measures, as they make transit shipments through Germany, which would soon have to be curtailed. Besides, the requirements for oversize shipments have already increased, as German police units have been withdrawn from the pilot, and the mandatory escort should now be 5 cars, instead of the previous 2.

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