CargoON recognised at the Logistics Awards 2022

Author: Monika Kulej

The editors of Logistics Manager magazine, together with experts from the transport and logistics sector, have chosen the best solutions for the transport and logistics market in Poland. Our Dock Scheduler product turned out to have no competition in the category related to optimisation of storage, transport and distribution costs.

Optimisation with the Dock Scheduler

Dock Scheduler is a modern system for the management of time slots in the warehouse, allowing the company to fully digitalise the booking process and increase efficiency in the management of the delivery schedule. The system is available as part of the CargoON platform but also as a separate product.

  • Klaudia Cozac
  • Brand Manager at CargoON
  • Increasing warehouse handling capacity by up to 25% or reducing waiting times for loading by almost 70% are real figures. The figures shared by our customers. All of this is happening without any additional investment, increase in shifts, staff or equipment. We are delighted with this award. This is proof that our mission to provide customers with solutions that allow full digitisation and automation of the entire transport management process is the right direction.

The Logistics Awards Poland is a pioneering initiative by the editors of the “Logistics Manager” magazine to choose the winners in several thematic categories related to the logistics industry.

  • Dominik Jańczak
  • Editor in chief of the “Logistics Manager”
  • Every company is seeking competitive advantages on a more and more demanding market, whereas the economic landscape is forcing organisations to implement innovations all the time. The answer to the growing needs of the market is the proper use of data and new technologies. One of the objectives of the Logistics Awards Poland was to allow end customers to appreciate the solutions that help them build faster, safer and more flexible supply chains in their everyday work.

The Polish Road Transport Institute was one of the main partners of the initiative. Anna Majowicz, Director of Operations at PRTI, notes that the pandemic has permanently changed supply chains, as shown by the award-winning companies. This is because technological changes have become irreversible.

-The pandemic has given a boost to the faster implementation of digitalisation and improved many processes. Just two years ago, only 15% of the transport and logistics companies focused on digitalisation. Today, the situation has changed. Hardly any professional transport company can imagine operating without solutions to optimise storage, transport and distribution costs. This is confirmed, for example, by the prize at the Logistics Awards Poland, the winner of which was CargoON – says Anna Majowicz.

CargoON was nominated in two categories. It also competed for the award for solutions supporting the digitisation of the supply chain – for its product CargoON Freights.

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