CargoON joins ACE

Author: Verónica Rodríguez Muñoz

CargoON, the transport management platform designed for shippers, has joined the spanish shippers' Asociación de Cargadores de España (ACE) to become the logistics process digitalisation partner of all those shippers who wish to increase their capacity and efficiency while taking a step forward in improving cooperation with their transport providers.

As part of the Group, a company founded in 2004 and a leader in technological and financial solutions for transport, CargoON was officially launched last year in Poland, but it is only now that the company has made the leap to the European market, choosing Spain as its headquarters.

Thus, the company CargoON Iberia SL has been created, with its registered office in Barcelona, the city chosen to set up its international offices due to its great importance as a logistics hub and the high level of digitalisation of Spanish companies, which are above the European average and represent an opportunity for the growth of this type of solutions.

For its part, ACE is an association that incorporates large companies that import, export or distribute high volumes of goods, using different modes of transport. One of ACE’s main objectives is to achieve efficient and sustainable freight transport by identifying the needs of its members and seeking cooperation along the entire value chain, where technology plays an essential role.

The collaboration between the two organisations will allow them to join forces to progress towards a more digital and, therefore, more efficient and sustainable freight transport management.