Market Insights ON #3

Data from the world of logistics and transport

  • Fuel at a premium.
    What will the next
    few months bring about?
  • Turbulent
    supply chains
  • Digitalisation
    as a survival method

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    In the issue:

    Market analysis

    The economic downturn and high inflation
    have put manufacturers, distribution companies
    and carriers in a difficult position. After all,
    not all costs can be passed on to the end customer.

    and predictions

    Many trends will intersect in 2023.
    Never before in the post-war history of European
    economies have we been at a similar point.

    and trends 2023

    As European managers and CEOs predict, while
    economies and supply chains will face many
    challenges, this does not have to be
    another year of drastic slowdown in trade flows