How to choose the best
digital freight platform?

Guide for shippers

  • Structural factors to consider when
    selecting a technology partner
  • The requirements
    that my digital partner
    must meet
  • How do I know
    the chosen solution is best for
    my business

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    In the issue:

    Challenges of digitalization

    In recent years, digitalization has been a significant factor in the growth of production and distribution companies in the European Union.

    What can be done to strengthen competitiveness and underpin the resilience and flexibility that economic conditions require.

    Market data

    80% of leading companies across supply chains have decided to invest in building a digital ecosystem in the next two years, and 79% consider a web/digital platform approach as the most important new business model to support the industry’s post-pandemic recovery.

    Source: Gartner 2022

    Criteria for selecting
    a digital partner

    • Ecosystem that considers all players in the supply chain
    • Global scope and legal coverage
    • Experience in the market and proprietary technology
    • Cost transparency