Case Study

Dock Scheduler is the remedy for organizational problems

Author: Monika Kulej
Case study MFO - Dock Scheduler is the remedy for organizational problems

The goal of every manufacturing company is the smooth delivery of goods to the customer. In the high season and period of increased production, warehouse throughput becomes a real challenge. For this reason, in companies that carry out a large number of transports, the key element is the optimization of the warehouse process.

An oft-repeated phrase is used in the transport industry: As long as the wheels keep on turning, the company earns money. In order to minimize the risk of long stoppages during unloading and loading, it is very important to implement slot booking systems that allow you to plan these activities in advance. Time slot management systems ensure an orderly warehouse work schedule, which in turn allows you to generate savings.

30.4% of manufacturing companies incur additional costs for overtime paid to warehouse workers due to ineffective planning*

🟢 Increased warehouse handling capacity

Increasing your sales is certainly the dream and goal of all businesses. However, it presents a real challenge for managers, because it requires greater technological, production and warehouse expenditure. MFO SA struggled with the problem of queues at loading docks. The company is a recognized and reputable supplier of steel profiles, cold-formed special sections, window reinforcements and steel profiles for lightweight plasterboard construction. The MFO company decided to implement a slot booking system from CargoON based on positive experience from the implementation of another module of the CargoON Platform – the Freights module.

Precise scheduling of unloading and loading allowed MFO to increase warehouse handling capacity by approximately 25%. Despite initial doubts, the team quickly started working on the new system. Dock Scheduler is very simple and intuitive to use. The solution makes it possible to optimize the management of the availability of workstations and ramps, the capacity of which can be defined in the system by the employee. In a short time, this allowed the company to generate real savings without increasing the number of shifts, staff and equipment. Thanks to the use of automation and data analysis, changes in the work of the warehouse were successfully implemented, resulting in the slot schedule.

Ksenia Fiuk, Implementation Manager at MFO SA.Basically, from the very outset, we managed to book slot for the lorries and load them according to the schedule, and the freight forwarders had no problems. We have had feedback from our partners that they are very satisfied and believe that it was the best thing we have done, in that we are a completely different company since we implemented Dock Scheduler slot bookings.

🟢Time slot management

Dock Scheduler is a modern system for managing time slots in the warehouse, allowing for full digitalization of the slot booking process in the company and increasing efficiency in managing the delivery schedule.

  • better use of resources and better communication
  • reduction of workload and minimizing the risk of mistakes
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • elimination of downtime and lower risk of parking fines

MFO’s experience shows that the implementation of the slot booking module takes between two and three weeks. During the process, the customer is supported by a CargoON consultant. After two or three meetings, the team is able to navigate the platform fluently and take full advantage of the solution. The application is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Ksenia Fiuk
  • Implementation Manager
  • In the search for competitiveness and transports, the price is very important, but on the other hand, we want to be competitive, so the flexibility and speed of our loadings were also important to us. The orderliness and scheduling that we can now have thanks to Dock Scheduler means that our drivers do not have to wait for loads.

🟢 How does Dock Scheduler work?

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