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Author: Konrad Potocki

The response to our users' needs comes in the form of further enhancements to the Fixed routes module. We introduce new features that will grant you full control over shipment and streamline negotiations with carriers!

The Fixed routes with carriers module was created for manufacturing and trading companies that carry out shipments along the same routes and wish to manage cooperation with partners in one place. Until now, their cooperation mainly relied on a contract with a pre-agreed transport rate, limiting the possibility of negotiations within the contract duration. It’s time for changes!

Aiming for maximum flexibility, we’ve developed solutions that allow for complete adaptation to the individual negotiation characteristics within the company.

💡 Discover a new form of contract – mixed publications!

With our new feature of mixed publications to fixed routes, you now have complete freedom to choose how you want to conduct your negotiations – including or excluding a price!

What does this mean for your business?

You can make strategic decisions about which freights to include in the publication with a price, and which ones you leave open for negotiations. This will minimize costs while still allowing you to choose the best carriers for your orders.

Mixed publications to fixed routes give you the opportunity to test different negotiation strategies and analyze carrier responses. It’s a fantastic tool that facilitates selecting the most effective negotiation approach.

📈 Fixed routes without a price

Publish freights on routes without specifying the transport rate, giving carriers the opportunity to quote prices. This innovative tool will allow you to:

🟢 gather valuable information about current freight prices in the market. Without the required initial price, you can track carrier reactions to your offers and gain insights into current price trends. This allows you to optimize costs and make more informed decisions.

🟢  improve relations with carriers. The key objective of this smart strategy is to avoid informing contractors about offers that do not interest them. With this solution, carriers that choose the “Fixed Route Without Price” are genuinely interested in given directions and have the right fleet to operate those routes.

💬 Key changes in negotiations

Outpace the competition with the new feature of direct LIVE negotiations in the messenger window! From now on, shippers and carriers can communicate directly, detail their requirements, and tailor terms to their needs, without involving any intermediaries, which leads to smoother cooperation.

🟢 Full visibility of the negotiation progress

Throughout the process, we ensure complete visibility of the negotiation progress for authorized personnel handling contracts in the company. This facilitates more efficient and close collaboration to achieve the best results. Moreover, full visibility enables a thorough analysis of the negotiation process, identifying strengths and weaknesses, along with potential areas for improvement.



In the Negotiations tab, you can see your negotiations (My negotiations), as well as the negotiations of other employees, if they were also indicated as contact persons when completing the freight creating form (Other negotiations).
This makes negotiations transparent for all company employees.
You can also conduct negotiations through messenger.

We guarantee full security and privacy of negotiations. Your data is protected and accessible only to authorized individuals, allowing for unrestricted communication without concerns of unwanted interference.

🔍 New view

Discover how simple and efficient it is to organize your freight offers with the “Fixed routes” module! All freight offers are now easily accessible in the new list view: accepted and archived offers. All your offers are organized into clear categories, making it easier to work with them and quickly find what you need. Good organization is the key to optimizing operations and achieving success in logistics.


🚀 Begin your journey with the unlimited potential of the “Fixed routes” module!

CargoON is an innovative platform that ensures complete control over transport processes in your company. Thanks to the “Fixed routes” module, negotiations with carriers will become more effective than ever before!

For more information, refer to our guide in the HelpCenter and find out more:

  • how to publish freight for variable price contracts.
  • how to publish freight for contracts with a price and contracts with a variable price at the same time (mixed publication),
  • how to publish freight to the Fixed route to multiple companies.


🟢  We’re changing for you!

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