Poland is the best market for nearshoring

Author: Marek Szymański
Poland is the best market for nearshoring

Poland is the world's best place for nearshoring, i.e. moving production and warehouses closer to sales markets. Its geographical location, skilled workforce, availability of warehouse space, proximity to large production markets such as Germany - all these factors make Poland a key partner for many industrial giants from Europe and the world. Where does all this come from?

The prestigious organisation Reuters Events has published a report on the matter. The report was premiered at the RE conference in Brussels. 

In turn, experts of another prestigious agency, Cushman & Wakefield, draw attention to the importance of the entire CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region in the development of new logistics routes. Poland takes a leading position in this trend. – For European manufacturers, operating in CEE means shorter delivery times, lower transport costs and faster lead times. Many sectors benefit from this, including automotive, industrial and electronics – says Adrian Semaan, Senior Research Consultant, Industrial & Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield.

As Cushman & Wakefield’s nearshoring report points out, further increasing investment attractiveness in this part of Europe will be fostered by the completion of the Via Carpatia, a road transport corridor leading from Klaipeda in Lithuania through eastern Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to the Greek Thessaloniki. – According to a recent study, Poland is now the most attractive place for nearshoring in the world. Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have forced companies to secure their production and look for new shortened supply chains, confirms Łukasz Grajcar, CEO at Imex Logistics.