More mega-trucks on Europe’s roads

Author: Konrad Potocki

The European Commission is working on an amendment to the rules relating to the weight and dimensions of heavy goods vehicles. The idea is primarily to allow longer and heavier trucks.

According to European Commission experts, the use of mega-trucks leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, as well as greater use of intermodal transport options. However, sceptics believe that European transport routes are not ready for such a change and that the widespread use of longer and heavier trucks could simply prove dangerous for other road users.

A revised directive would, for example, allow the automatic authorisation of cross-border transport of heavier or longer trucks between all neighbouring member states that allow it (The decision to authorise larger trucks is taken individually by each #EU country, the directive is intended to allow the movement of such trucks between countries).

The idea, therefore, is to harmonise regulations that allow trucks up to 44 tonnes and 75 metres in length, as well as European modular systems up to 25.25 metres in length and 60 tonnes.

Trucks with semi-trailers up to 44 tonnes can already operate in 13 countries, and this possibility is currently being tested by Spanish carriers. Spain is also working to simplify the authorisation and movement requirements for mega-trucks and double trailers.