Carriers introduce longer sets

Author: Natalia Noczeń

So-called "centipedes truck", or longer transport sets than traditional ones, are increasingly appearing on European routes. These are 25.25-meter-long sets, which experts calculate are more economical.They allow to burn about 35% less fuel per ton of cargo, which is an important argument for environmental protection.

Recently, well-known logistics operator DB Schenker introduced longer sets on the route from Gothenburg to Hanover and Nuremberg. The introduction of longer transport sets, however, has been controversial.

This is because traffic experts point out that such sets – while undoubtedly more environmentally friendly – pose a real danger on the road. Indeed, overtaking such a colossus – especially on two-lane roads – is very dangerous. It is also problematic to move a long set in the city, where the probability of blocking an intersection or going through a traffic circle is high. There is also the question of parking such long vehicles, as even truck parking lots are not designed for longer sets. The IRU, or International Road Transport Union, has been calling on lawmakers in European countries for several years to allow 25.25-meter-long sets. And even longer ones. For the reasons mentioned above, however, the process is moving slowly.

The Scandinavian countries are the most advanced in introducing longer sets, while Germany and the Czech Republic have also recently introduced corresponding regulations. Czech carriers are transporting more and more cargo to Germany this way. As the IRU argues, by introducing at least 25-meter sets, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 240 million tons per year worldwide.

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