Transport and logistics market in Europe. Forecast and trends for 2024

Author: Monika Kulej
Discover our latest report full of relevant transport knowledge and market analysis by industry experts and our customers.

Discover our latest report filled with relevant transport knowledge and market analysis conducted by industry experts and our customers.

Our report ‘Transport and Logistics Market in Europe’ provides an all-round source of information on the present economic situation and the state of the T&L industry. It explores the key challenges and issues, and makes predictions about what we can expect in 2024.



What will you learn from the report?

Analysis of the economic situation in selected European countries. In total, we analyzed 14 markets!

Overview of key factors such as transport rates, fuel prices, and the number of offers on selected European routes.

Diagnosis of industry problems, including driver shortages, second-generation tachographs, and the increase in tolls in Germany and its impact on transport in Poland and Europe.

Key legal and customs changes for the transport and logistics sector.

Industry trends including process automation, digital connectivity, data security, sustainability, agility, data analysis, nearshoring, and the popularity of the spot market compared to contractual.

Forecasts for 2024 – what can we expect in the industry and the economy?

Based on available data, the authors of the report forecast how freight and fuel prices will evolve, as well as customs control and the increase in fees in EU countries, and what trends may have a real impact on the profitability of the business.


Why download this report?

  • Comprehensive report with relevant expert knowledge
  • Analysis of major European markets
  • A guide to the regulatory changes
  • Dozens of branch experts speaking

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