Save time with Automatic Order T&C Dispatch

Author: Natalia Noczeń

Time is money, certainly in an area as dynamic as logistics processes. We are bringing to you Automatic Order T&C Dispatch – another step in the optimisation of your company’s processes.

🟢Transport orders

Every day, shippers and their logistics specialists send dozens of transport orders to contractors. Completing the terms and conditions of each individual order is an essential stage to finalise the publication process. At the same time, figuring out and entering the details is time-consuming and involves multiple steps. It also often requires interaction with the subcontractor to clarify key issues.

In many cases, however, T&C of orders are repetitive, e.g. for certain carrier groups or specific routes. This is where various solutions come in handy:

  • Order templates – a convenient tool that speeds up daily work by allowing the content of a new order to be supplemented with predefined values (FIND OUT MORE).
  • NEW–  Automatic Order T&C Dispatch – a new feature that automates the attachment of order T&C for pre-defined standard dispatches.

🟢 How does it work?

Automatic Order T&C Dispatch is a feature dedicated to standard, repetitive operations. It ensures that anyone responsible for freight orders within a company no longer needs to complete and send out terms and conditions. These will be automatically completed based on the template and sent to the contractor once the freight offer has been accepted.

Enabling the option is recommended for standard, repetitive processes. When T&C need to be tailored individually to the publication and other data is added, you can easily deactivate the option for a given freight publication. This is simple and intuitive exception management.

Automatic Order T&C Dispatch:

  • allows automation of the process for standard, repetitive orders
  • can be quickly deactivated for one-off, non-standard transports
  • reduces manual work – fewer clicks save you time and the process is shorter
  • is yet another step to optimise the dispatch of orders alongside the Templates feature

🟢 How do I enable the feature?

Check out how easy it is in our instructions!

🟢 We are changing for you!

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