CargoON – transport management digital revolution

Author: Monika Kulej

CargoON, the new flexible and automated road transport management system - provided by, leading digital freight platforms and marketplaces vendor in Europe - allows shippers not only to manage transport on their own and gain additional capacity, but also to natively combine contract and spot business.

Unique access to capacity and Logistics 4.0 theory enclosed in a functional platform

The platform encompasses numerous digital solutions and services to optimise and automate processes, communication and documentation linked to road transport management.

Capacity and Savings ON

CargoON Freights enables the intuitive digitisation of the entire transport management process – from planning to collaborating with carriers. The sequential allocation process may also be configured on the basis of specific assignment rules. With just a few clicks, CargoON will allow you to place and control not only orders with regular suppliers but also flows on the spot market.

Simple Tenders service simplifies tenders for freight services, thanks to which you can establish a secure collaboration with new carriers in a very short time. CargoON, being connected to the Platform, is the only system of this type which guarantees access to the pan-European network of ten of thousands of verified carriers and forwarders.

End-to end digitalization: effective and sustainable

The Dock Scheduler, function, also available as a standalone product, allows for a time-optimised management of docks and ramps whose capacity may be defined in the system and thus fully utilized. IT-supported determination of time periods for loading and unloading allows to meet the service levels, increase customer satisfaction and avoid demurrage.

  • Ksenia Fiuk
  • Customer Order Fulfillment Manager, MFO SA
  • With the Dock Scheduler we were able to increase our warehouse efficiency by about 23-24% in no time. All without adding more shifts, staff or equipment.

Thanks to Visibility – real-time status updates you can track the load status at any time, and customers may quickly react if something goes wrong. The supplier providing the transport service receives the real-time updates through the network.

Products included in CargoON ensure the end-to-end digitalization of your supply chain. This brings savings, increases productivity and boosts transparency with all stakeholders connected to the platform – from the shipper, through forwarders, and ending with carriers and drivers.

Digital solutions also reduce empty mileage and therefore support the ecosystem in reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Piotr Hunker
  • CEO
  • Our goal for the system is to support activities for sustainable development through further functionalities. Soon, such solutions as eCMR with digital proof of delivery will enable our clients to be more environment-friendly by resigning from thousands of tons of paper transport documents and additionally it will significantly shorten the time of document circulation. Digitalization also paves the way for calculating carbon footprints. We are working on a solution that will enable us to calculate real CO2 emissions and make a conscious contribution to climate protection using transport.

Fast implementation ON

CargoON is a cloud software which may be easily integrated with SAP and ERP or other TMS systems. In comparison to the market, implementation is very fast and simple without engaging time and resources – takes just a few weeks. The transition to this system for shippers who are not members of the network yet is very simple and cost competitive.

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