CargoON adds real-time monitoring to its platform

Author: Monika Kulej
Colaboracion cargoon project44

CargoON will offer a unique experience to its customers across Europe for end-to-end transport tracking solution with real-time visibility and ETA calculation.

Following its recent launch in Spain, CargoON, part of the Group, presented its transport management system, specially designed for shippers and retailers, at the International Logistics Trade in Barcelona. And, among the main highlights revealed at the event, was the recent agreement that project44 and Group announced at the last Transport Logistic (Munich) on their integration to offer real-time visibility and tracking solutions for shipments and freights directly from the platform.

This partnership, according to Antoine Bertrandy, CEO at CargoON, “While benefiting all segments of the group, will bring innumerable benefits to CargoON’s customers, the shippers, as it increases the capabilities of the existing dedicated transport execution module, Visibility, allowing them to improve their operational efficiency and simplify workflow”.

Thanks to this integration, the aforementioned shippers will be able to easily access a wide network of GPS service providers directly from the platform. The difference compared to other solutions on the market is that access to these services is instantaneous, without the need for additional integrations or any other complex technicalities.

Briefly, the benefits for shippers and retailers are as follows:

  1. Easy integration: With a single click, shippers can connect their platform to their carriers’ fleets, without having to log into multiple systems.
  2. Real-time monitoring: Thanks to advanced freight tracking technology, shippers will be able to access accurate and up-to-date information on the location and status of their shipments in real time, allowing them to react quickly to any unforeseen events and calculate transit time (ETA).
  3. Simplification of logistics management: By having all tools and services integrated into the platform, shippers will be able to efficiently manage all their logistics operations and make better business decisions.

Thus, and Project44 will offer shippers a seamless and transformative logistics experience through a partnership that represents a breakthrough in the industry, giving shippers the tools they need to optimise their processes and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency.

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