System integration – success through synergy

- Author: Natalia Noczeń

Integration of the Platform with the SOOT System for ZETO S.A. was another project carried out this year. Our common goal was to merge the system with the Platform so that they could operate as one organism. And we did it! Here are the details.

Wide access to carriers is currently the biggest challenge for manufacturing companies and businesses. It is no secret that there is a shortage of drivers on the market and finding reliable and at the same time competitive carriers often requires a lengthy search.

Over several years, the SOOT system has evolved into a TMS-class solution that allows shippers to organise transport from a single sales or purchase order to delivery confirmation and financial settlement. An important aspect in the whole process is the smooth cooperation between the shipper and carriers.

“So far, our company has allowed customers to use the SOOT system, which enables communication between carriers, forwarders and shippers. This functionality worked very well for the shipper and the defined group of carriers. However, our customers had a need to access a wider range of subcontractors and to obtain carriers quickly in some exceptional situations. For example, when defined and contracted carriers are unable to take on cargo or during periods of increased demand. This is why we decided to integrate the existing solutions with the Platform”, said Mirosław Kubisztal, General Director of ZETO S.A..

The implemented integration of SOOT and the Platform allows for the publication of freights on the Platform:

– with the use of automatic rules that help define the rules of publication and also allow for publishing offers on the spot;

– directly to the chosen carrier.

“The scope of integration was very extensive. Currently, users of the SOOT system can work with the functionalities offered by the Platform directly from the SOOT interface, which means that they do not have to switch to another interface during their work and, at the same time, learn a new solution” – said Joanna Brandys – Partnership Relation Manager, responsible for the integration project on the side.

The system’s enhanced capabilities for cooperation with carriers after integration include:

– negotiations (reviewing offers received from carriers, accepting, rejecting and negotiating prices, adding comments);

– collecting the carrier’s data (if it is a newly acquired subcontractor);

– completion of the transport order and its shipment for approval;

– sending an order in PDF as an attachment to the Order on the platform (after accepting the carrier and adding information about the vehicle registration number and the driver).

However, this is just the beginning of cooperation and increased opportunities for common customers of the Platform and the SOOT system.

„Everything must have its beginning – so we started our cooperation with the Platform with the integration of solutions which are most desired by our customers. The partnership and commitment on both sides have resulted in the development of a tangible solution offering real benefits to users. However, we are aware that the dynamic market brings more and more new challenges, which rapid access to up-to-date information can undoubtedly help to meet. The Platform, acting on a very large scale, processes huge amounts of data related to transport, which, properly processed and structured, can provide valuable information for our customers – related, for example, to transport rates or the availability of vehicles on specific routes. Therefore, we most certainly wish to develop and strengthen our cooperation in the above-mentioned areas”, emphasised Rafał Szczerba, Product Manager of the SOOT System.